Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Unit 4 Study Guide

Our Unit 4 Test is scheduled for Monday, December 8.

1. "Friendly numbers" - Remember that you can break numbers such as 72 divided by 3 into "friendly numbers" such as 60+12.
3 goes into 60 -- 20 times and 3 goes into 12 --4 times so the answer is 24 (20 + 4).

Practice doing that with other numbers such as:
56 divided by 4 (find friendly numbers for 56 that 4 will go into)

129 divided by 3

2. Practice long division with one, two, and three digit divisors.

3. Practice making estimates to division problems with decimals and then dividing with decimals...don't forget to line up your numbers and write neatly. Also remember that you can correct a division problem by multiplying the quotient by the divisor and you should get the dividend. (practice your vocabulary)

4. Work on interpreting remainders...know when to ignore them, when to report the remainder as a fraction or decimal, or when to round the answer up.