Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun with Angles!

Click here to play an angle game where you find the 8 planets.

Click here to play Banana Hunt.

Click here to play Alien Angles.  You will practice estimating angles with this fun geometry game.

Click here to play Angle Measure.

Click here to use angle measurements to fire lasers at comets in outer space.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Unit 2 Test

Great job on the test yesterday!  Many of you tried the extra credit and received either 1 or 2 bonus points.  Several of you also attempted the extra credit assignment last week on the Egyptian math method.  If so, you received 1-3 bonus points on the Unit 2 test.  

Today you will receive your graded test, along with your self-assessment checklist, study guide, and extra credit WS.  These will all be attached to your current progress report.  Please show the papers to your parents and have a parent sign the progress report.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Unit 2 Study Guide

The Unit 2 Test will be on Tuesday, Oct. 21.

1. Know the following words and definitions:







open sentence

2. Be able to add and subtract whole numbers and decimals.

3. Be able to find magnitude estimates of products like the ones on p. 47 in your math journals. The be able to multiply to find the actual products.

ex. 4.5 * 0.6 ex. 46 * 414
5 * 1 = 5 50 * 400 = 20,000

4. Know place value - thousandths through millions place.

5. Be able to read a word problem and tell (a) what numbers are needed to solve the problem, (b) what question do you want to answer, (c) write an open sentence - with a variable, (d) solve it.

ex. - Joe has 46 baseball cards. He gave 12 to his brother who had only 10. How many cards does Joe have now?

a. What numbers do you need to solve? ___________________

b. What question do you want to answer? ___________________

c. Open sentence ______________________________________

d. solution _______________ e. answer ____________(units)

6. Be able to round numbers to a given place from hundreds to thousandths.

ex. round 27.46 to the nearest tenths - 27.5

ex. round 467.8 to the nearest hundreds - 500

Monday, October 6, 2008

Data Landmarks

Today we reviewed the data landmarks:  minimum, maximum, range, mode, median, and mean. Click here for definitions and examples of these terms.