Monday, September 22, 2008

Unit 1 Study Guide

1. Know the definitions of the following words:

columns - vertical lines of data

rows - horizontal lines of data






square numbers

2. Be able to find all the factors of a number by making arrays or making a rainbow factor.

3. Be able to find the prime factorization of a number. (journal p. 24, student reference book p. 12)

4. Be able to square a number (ex. 42 = 16) and unsquare (tell the square root of) a number. (ex. the square root of 16 is 4) (p. 6 in student reference book)

5. Tell whether a number is odd or even, prime or composite, or is square. (p. 4, 12, and 214 in student reference book)

6. Be able to use the divisibility rules on p. 11 of student reference book.

Our first test will be on Wednesday, 9/24/08.  I know that you will do great!!!  If you have any questions, or would like to review any of the concepts with me, please let me know. :)